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Seems like your quest to find the ideal web developers ends here. We at Gyanweiser building tailor-made web applications, tools and premium websites aligned with business needs, customer’s problems, your market and essentially—your budget.

We are Uncovering the Capabilities of Web Apps With Modern Technologies

Modern web applications nowadays ought to provide a native-app-like user experience on the web. There is no room for slow load time and latency in the era of swift SPAs and PWAs. The richier and snappier your app is, the better edge you have in this competitive market. And as an expert web development company, Gyanweiser provides web application development service that makes your web solutions superior. We are a team of professional developers and designers employing Agile and Scrum to build growth-driven web applications.

Web App Development Services

Custom web Application

We at Gyanweiser help you build tailored web application for your specific business needs. We design contextual UI/UX for better usability, select the appropriate architecture for best performance and write custom code to incorporate your complex and unique business logic in your web application.

Mobile Backend Development

We understand the role of an efficient and feature-rich backend for a successful mobile application. We built custom APIs, develop your business logic and integrate admin tools that provide you more control over your mobile application such as analytics, push notifications & other admin tools for content and data management.

Technologies we are using

JavaScript is the nucleus of every modern web application. It makes it possible to create web apps with snappy response time, real-time updating content, functional animations, smooth scrolls, reuse of codes and even scalable server-side applications. We here at Techuz help you to utilize the full potential of this programming language using the latest generation of frameworks and libraries. Ever since Gyanweiser’s inception, JavaScript development has been our core. We have an in-house team dedicated Angular, React, Vue.js and Node.js developers who are well versed with these tools and technology.

Aesthetic designs are no more than a mere piece of images if they can’t be translated into the functional frontend. The structure of the page, header, footer, lead forms and even the the call to action button - every element of the page must manifest the decided UI/UX. And our skilled frontend designers help you to build those pixel perfect user interface.Techuz offers front-end design using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap that complies to the needs of the modern web applications and websites. One of the things that really elevates your web solutions is that we optimize the designs for a variety of devices, OS and browsers. This ensures that your web app or website is visually appealing and intuitive equally across all devices.

React Native is gaining much popularity for developing native Android and iOS apps. We have built high performing and seamless mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. Our React Native developers are JavaScript Ninjas. That’s the reason the code we write turns into majestic apps. You not only get a flawless and fluid app but using the vast React Native Component library we also make sure that your app is deployed rapidly. With the combination of our dexterity, latest technology and tools such as Redux, Thunk Middleware and Redux DevTools your app provides the ultimate user experience and performance.

If you are looking forward to penetrating into multiple OS markets by developing just one app then a hybrid app is what you need. We develop fully functional and feature-rich hybrid mobile apps that run on cross-platform viz Android, iOS and Windows Phone yet provide native like performance. Our Ionic developers at Techuz are experts in creating unparalleled cross-platform apps with graceful design and powerful performance. Using the mobile SDK, UI library and several other functions of this framework and synthesizing it with our Angular, HTML and CSS expertise we craft apps that reigns the multiple OS markets.

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